About Us

The Community Children’s Network (CCN) exist to affirm the children in the community. CCN is an effort to celebrate children because they are worth celebrating. Yes, it is just that simple.

The fundamental belief of the Community Children’s Network is that when we value our children, we are securing our hopes and dreams and proclaiming the worth of our legacy.

The Community Children’s Network is made up of a diverse group of people and entities that provide a vast menu of supports that demonstrate their willingness and commitment to helping elevate children in the community. We refer to these people and institutions as Risers. Risers strive to immerse our children in the fertile soils of our cultural values binding them to our ancestral ethos and strengthen them for forthcoming future. Risers are the wind beneath our children’s wings preparing them so that they can soar into a world that awaits their brilliance, their beauty and their intelligence possessing an abundance of confidence and fortitude.

The Community Children’s Network is a digital platform that allows people in the community to learn about the brilliance of our children; to share about the accomplishments of our children; to send messages of support, appreciation, and love to our children.